Bag for Thought

While I'm just as immersed and infatuated with fashion as I am with sports and noms, I rarely write about it.  I figure I'd leave most of the stylish chatting to some of my friends and favorites that do it really well and keep my blog diversely focused (if that makes sense) on me. >_<

While some may say that I've fallen to the dark side, where I swim in the seas of fashion snobbery, the truth is I, like every other male and female, appreciates a good deal.  Ultimately though, I'll always appreciate above all else, quality, craftsmanship and a thoughtfully executed design.

I recently received a gifted credit for ShoeDazzle, which is a shoe membership program that has become quite popular over the past year.   Till now I've actually avoided this site because it's executively styled by Kim Kardashian, and when it comes to fashion, rarely do I support celebrity designed/endorsed lines.  I often re-read this interview with one of my favorite designers, Paul Smith, where he goes into discussing why he's "not interested in all that. Those celebrity designers…"  I think there's a lot of learning, practice, study, understanding and heart that designers have to endure and project into each collection, and I'm not sure that being stylish on the red carpet or in front of camera is enough experience to qualify anyone to launch and design a label or collection.

It's a touchy debatable subject, in which both sides could be argued, but coming back from this little tangent, I started thinking about the commercial fashion industry as a whole.  While on ShoeDazzle, I started noticing certain bag designs and could almost name every single one's high end designer twin.  Quality, design ethics and label aside, I understand that  it is easier to sell a $50 handbag than it is to sell a $800 one.  But, if all that differentiates the two items are materials and a few details, is it considered a transposed designer inspiration or an attempt to replicate the real thing.

The plus side is that these budgeted versions allow for the masses to access and own a design that may have which been unattainable.

Below are a few items from Shoe Dazzle and the Designer originals next to them.  I'll let you decide if it's inspired or a direct knock off.

ShoeDazzle's Toluca vs Alexander McQueen's signature skull clutch.

ShoeDazzle's Seattle vs Marc Jacobs Stam Bag.

ShoeDazzle's Cordoba vs Chloe Marcie Bag

Some say that all fashion is inspired by something, I mean think of how many designers have done their take on the iconic Chanel jumbo flap bag with the chain.   Regardless, I think many float  in between the lines of what's an affordable version vs a direct copy.

Bag for thought! Have a happy Monday readers.

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