One Step to Infinity and Beyond.


The dreaded 10k mud run is less than 2 days away and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing, but i'm petrified.  Sometimes fear means you're taking the task at hand seriously, other times it means you know you're ill prepared.  Between the crossfit, gentle strolls/jogs, yoga and occasional rock climbing, I honestly thought I'd be more equipped by now.

It never really matters how many pushups I can do the non girl way, how many double unders I successfully complete in sequence or the number of box jumps followed by burpies I conquer, running has a magical way of making me feel utterly inadequate.

After a day of work, crossfit, events and a bit more work, I decided to take a quick, late night, 1/2 mi jog.  It felt good to just go.

Here's to hopefully surviving 6 mi of obstacles on Saturday and I finally have been catching up w/ photos, sports news, organizing the massive closet of fashion goodies and a roadmap to completing personal projects.

goodnight readers

<3 chow. 

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