Obsession: Operation ic! berlin


A few weeks ago I finally got the chance to bask in Jason Statham's gloriousness, while watching "The Mechanic." Throughout the movie, I actually developed quite a deep obsession to something other than Statham himself.  His sunglasses! On close up shots, there was something so incredibly cool and effortlessly "badass" about these aviators.

After the movie I Googled "Jason Statham The Mechanic Sunglasses" and discovered ic! berlin. These special glasses (model: KJELL) were a throwback from one of their classic lines and re-produced in limited quantities for the movie.  The hunt began.

Finding the make and model was the easy part. It took a solid two weeks of calling official stores in the USA and searching online stores in the UK, just to find that they could not be ordered or were back ordered till fall.  Finally by a stroke of luck, an ebay seller had two pairs, one in the matte gold and one in silver.  Needless to say I bought one and my bud bought the other.

While I definitely like the gunmetal one that is featured in the movie, the matte gold is quite fetching and is a color that is missing in my sun-glass collection.

What's amazing about ic! berlin glasses is that they are engineered to fit and function with no screws and are incredibly light, flexible and well made.

Here's an up close look at how the pieces fit together.  It took me a couple tries to get used to putting the arms back on, but now it's like changing my transformers back to car mode. :D

I love the ic! berlin films, particularly this one where it starts off with him going off a building then gives an in depth look at how these glasses are made.

My KJELL unicorns were well worth the hunt and I think they're the first of many pairs to come.  As ic! berlin says "it's physic!s" behind they're incredible design.

To browse more of their styles for sunglasses/eyeglasses visit: http://www.ic-berlin.de/eyewear

As a fan of all things out of the box, I'm kinda loving the Oki Doki

till next time <3 chow

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