Restaurant Review: Caffe CaLABRIA

In a time where chain restaurants seem to be popping up at ever street corner, I always appreciate a serendipitous stumble on to a new place, that has a bit of tradition to it.  

After crossfit and lunch today, my 7 loads of laundry (not exaggerating) was in dire need of a visit to the laundromat.  I've mentioned before how blessed I am, as my two friends proved once again how much they love me, by keeping me company and helping me carry it all.  While my tremendous horde of clothing were in the wash cycle, we took a stroll down 30th st. to find some sustenance for our weak "crossfit beaten" mortal bodies. (I'm sorry, I had to throw a bit of Thor in, as I've been obsessed with the man ever since seeing the movie.)   

Caffe CaLABRIA was in the vicinity and had quite the charming look to it.  I'm a sucker for great smells and chic decor.  Right when we walked in there was a respectable sized wood fired oven and a gentleman right beside it cutting fresh ingredients, making and kneading dough and saying something to the door greeter in Italian.  We would later learn that he's an Italian pizza specialist that has been at this for 20 years.

 I said "he looks young, I should eat the pizza he's eating."

We decided to sit by the window and in front of the man making pizza.  Beside our table was a group of individuals laughing and what seemed like teasing each other, in Italian.  I looked at my friends and said, you know you're in a good place when the workers and the guests all speak the language of the food that's being served.

What I ordered: A pizza with arugula, shrimp, fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.  The server smiled at me when I agreed to order his suggestion and said "good, I don't like all that cheese nonsense on my pizza either, I want to taste the ingredients."  It's an odd thing, but I've found that it's mainly Italians that don't judge me for not eating my pizzas with cheese.

He also informed me saying, "we keep things authentic to how the owner grew up eating the food and we don't cut the pizza for you, unless you request it." I said "cheers to that, I eat my pizzas with a knife and fork anyway."

This dish was nothing short of perfection, mostly because the dough is AMAZING and each simple ingredient, contributed to a merriment of layered flavors.  After trying my pizza, my g/f was enticed to order her own, which was also incredible.  Between the iced mochas, great food and conversation about food, we were all ecstatic that we found another local place to visit frequently.  

I managed to eat the entire pizza and by the time I was done, the only visible carnage was a single crust, bits of arugula and remnants of diced tomatoes crumbled through the olive oil glaze on my big plate.

For info on Caffe Calabria and to also learn about their amazing coffee, visit their website.

The nomming adventures continue and I have LOTS to update on with great photos to come.


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