a Night With Freaks Geeks and Noms


When I was a kid, I had this dire fear of getting older, not for vanity reasons but because to me adults never looked like they had that much fun.  Little did I know then, that behind the check writing, errand driving and 9 to 5'ing, adults have secret worlds with magical drinks, no bed time curfew and endless possibilities of fun.

Last Thursday, I attended a block party downtown called Q on Fifth where 5th ave was magically transformed into a red carpet fantasy world, that was a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Cirque du Soleil.  It was an endless array of drinks and various foods being served with every step.  It was as if once the sun set, we somehow teleported to mount Olympus (or Asgard) and were dining and drinking like Gods. (Can you tell I'm still on the Thor kick?)

The best part of the evening was the surprise performer WEEZER! (see live vids below).  Halfway through the concert, Rivers Cuomo came down and asked how and where everyone got their Bindis, he handed over his mic and  I explained "that the beginning table with kick ass food were also giving away decorative bindis. So I grabbed my Bindi, stamped it on his forehead and a moment was had :D

Fortunately Clark was there w/ his cam to capture this among many other badass moments.

So we fought, we drank, we ate and we made our ancestors proud ;) (thor) It was definitely a memorable evening and I just wish we had more events like that in SD.  I'm off to E3 tomorrow, so be sure to check my twitter for updates on swag, fun and of course NOMS!


Say it Aint So (please pardon the dying cat in the bg)

Pork and Beans (up close and personal)

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