Beside My Bed


Whether it be through UFC/Video Game posters, photography prints or an abundance of action figures, I've always decorated with the intention of cultivating a creative and comfortable environment.

Every corner of my place has something about it, where in a moment of inspiration, I can plop down and unleash what's running through my head. Often times it's garbage, once every other moon it's save worthy, but everytime it's an experience.

While I'm not big on bed clutter with extra throw pillows or throw blankets (unless it's cold), my nightstand always has inspiration, or things to get me through the night, within reach.

This week: my favorite old manga I'm re-reading (RIOT), latest issue of Vogue, sketch book/pencil, diffuser, candle, always h2o, lotion, chapstick, d'artiste art books, a magazine featuring my friend's photography, Tim Cantor's book (local painter) and my favorite scented diffuser.

Louis, my beloved blockhead is never far either.

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