CFDA/eBay Tote - Sketch Book Design Time

Last week eBay, partnered with CFDA, launched a sale in their Fashion Vault of canvas totes printed with the slogan "You Can't Fake Fashion".  In addition to the original tote, they partnered with numerous designers to make original design takes on the bag, to help "raise awareness against counterfeit goods and to celebrate original design within the fashion industry." This has been one of my favorite custom fashion collaborations, because of the intention and witty textual execution. Another favorite of mine was when had a selection of designers do their take on the roman numeral 10 (X) for their 10 year anniversary (Givenchy/Lanvin were my favorites).

But.. back to the bags, unfortunately some of my favorite designs by Helmut Lang, Brian Atwood and DKNY were well sold out by the time I clicked into the Vault.

Inspired by all of the custom designs, I picked up an original tote and have been sketching up ideas, playing with swatches, collecting random charms/attachments and even sorting jewelry for various ways to customize the tote.  My beloved mail man made me smile huge by delivering the tote today and here are some quick throw together style ideas.  I'm still brainstorming, so will post whenever I finally get to an end result :P

A large vintage flower with the Jewelmint Paramour Bracelet and Pin Up Necklace.

I've collected flowers/ribbons off of many shopping bags over the years and have a few Camellia flowers from Chanel. I placed two with my fox tail, Jewelmint Pin Up Necklace and Paramour bracelet.

Another favorite keepsake of mine is the flower that came with the giveaway bags for the Lanvin x H&M collaboration.  Paired w/ the Pin up Necklace again and Paramour bracelet.  I think I'll be using either the Camellia flowers or this, at least.

 This is the Lanvin flower with just the Pin Up Necklace
I braided old strings around the handles and used a curtain tie as a bow.  I'm going to look into buying leather straps to do this with.
I can't wait to see what everyone else does with their totes.  I'll post pix once it's done.  It may be a long time coming.. whenever it comes to personal designs of any sorts, I'm always so particular and indecisive.  <3 Chow. 

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