A Fruity Bit of Heaven


In a world where commercial chains are abundant and embraced, there's a place in my heart that has so much love for the independent shops and restaurants that offer that dose of something personal and a bit of charm to any neighborhood.

Since coming back from Asia, I've been physically aching like a junkie, for just a taste of the exotic fruits that I ate in bountiful amounts over there.  A co-worker turned me onto this newly opened place called "The Fruit Shop" that imports an array of exotic fruits like Jackfruit, Mangosteens, Lychee, Rambutan, Durian and not to mention they have fresh sugar cane juice.  

Understated and simply decorated, this cheeky cute shop reminds me of a time when I used to shop at street markets with my mom and the produce sellers knew our names and our favorite fruits.  It was like being eight again when one of the store partners cut me open a Mangosteen and said "welcome and enjoy."

After the exchange of recipes, tasting many delights and talking about the origins of their fruits (some grown by the owner's land, other imported from Asia etc), they gave me one last treat... THE BEST ORANGE JUICE EVER! Freshly squeezed and all natural (which was mind blowing to me b/c it was so sweet).  I asked for a gallon of the stuff, to which they respectfully declined due to the amount of work it would take.  I'll have to settle for a glass at a time then.

For those in San Diego, they are located on Convoy  St. right next to Jasmine.  <3

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