Late Night Chops


Every so often, I get this itch to change things around and chop things up.  Tonight, since noms was taken care of, I decided to tackle a jewelry project that I've been aching to do.  

These Jewelmint pieces (Very Audrey Earrings and Earrings from the Windsor Set), with a bit of chopping, twisting, mixing and adjusting... 

Became these:

I basically removed the lockets from the earrings of the Windsor set and placed one locket onto a bracelet, while using the crystal posts for another set of white gold diamond earrings I had.

The Very Audrey earrings used to be studs, and since I have an extra pair, I thought it would be nice to have one with a bit of a drop.  

Pardon the crappy camera phone pictures, they don't happen too often on my blog.. at least not ones these poor.

For other Jewelmint fans who are wondering what tools were needed, the only things used were 2 needle nose pliers, wire cutters and extra jump rings.  <3 I customize a lot of things I own, especially accessories, so found that sometimes the results are grand and other times you're left with sad and broken baubles. T_T 

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