Postcards from Corso 32


 It's only been a few months since I've been back here, but like Led Zeppelin sings in Tea for One, "baby sometimes 24 hours can slip into days...and a minute can feel like a lifetime." I landed at noon and spent a good portion of my time on work projects and the early evening catching up on sleep.  I have this horrible habit of going to bed at 4am the night before flying anywhere.  One thing for certain though, is that love waits for no one and I had to visit Corso32 tonight.

What we ordered (a new menu since last):
To start: wild arugula & fennel salad, roasted hazelnuts, parmigiano
Entrees: pappardelle, traditional Bolognese and 48 hr chuck flat steak, bagna cauda, king oyster mushroom & wild garlic.
For dessert:  because what would a night be without ending it on a sweet note, an almond & olive oil cake, wild strawberries, crème fraiche.

All Incredible. I wrote a more thorough review on my first experience at Corso32, so this time it was all about indulging and satisfying a craving for great food.

Bon appetit my darling readers

Good noms and good night <3 chow.

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