UFC 132 a Meeting at the Round Table


Just like on any given Sunday, how any team can have a chance to score a winning touchdown, on an given Saturday evening, any fighter has the chance to have his arm raised and walk out of the octagon a winner.

Last night's fights were quite spectacular, even though some of the results were quite hard to take. It was hard enough seeing my pride champ lose, but to all people, the trash talking Chris Leben, that STUNG!

Then Uriah and Cruz, man what a greatly matched fight. I've been a fan of Uriah since watching him perform in WEC, and I still have heart wrenching memories of his fight with Jose Aldo.  Although Uriah lost, he left with his head high and even Dana White shook his hand and gave him a job well done. What I want to know is what that one judge who scored the fight 50-45 was smoking!

My highlight of the night was watching that insane ko by Condit's knee. The ultimate elephant in the room though was TITO'S execution of a Guillotine and finally winning after 5 years.  I've never heard a more grandeur eruption of joy and screams than from my friend Colin, who's been every so faithful and waiting so long for this moment.

The best quote is from MMA TorchPOST FIGHT: Tito immediately goes for the gravedigger routine. I'm surprised he remembered how to do it since he hasn't had the chance to do it for five years. 

Fights, beer and noms aside, the best part of the evening was getting together w/ our group of sports fans and just shooting the sports talk $hit all night.  "WATCH WATCH LET ME GOOGLE THAT TO SHOW YOU..." was said quite a few times last night.  Thank you for smart phones.

OH and regardless of what Sherdog says, I wouldn't have ranked Darth Bader over Phil Davis among on the list of top light heavy weights (but again who am I to say right? :P )

The rest of the night was spent at Sam Wok where more sports debacles took place over Chinese food and where I got bit 11 times by mosquitos.

All night, Colin basked in Tito's glorious hour.  Meet P. in the b/g he's big on anonymity and kinda shy. He likes the Vikings... 

Corey: our resident floozy harlot, but we love him for it.

 Dear Tito and Troy Aikman: no one loves you like this man does.
I think Asians are like Italians at times when it comes to expressive speaking.

Yes a bug was killed w/ chop sticks

I need to learn how to make this version of the green onion cake.

What ties it all together, noms <3 

<3 Chow
tomorrow I head back to SD.

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