What's in the Fridge


While I sometimes call myself Iron Chef, when a dish is successful, I do experiment a lot around the kitchen, which leads to photographed successes and humble failures (which hardly ever get posted).  One question I've gotten a few times, in response to the noms photos that I post, is what do I keep in my fridge?

I don't think on any given week, it's ever the same but there are a few staples that will always be stocked: Olive oil, garlic, onions, arugula, 80% of the time prosciutto, eggs, water and recently added, Pellegrino/Cranberry.

The thing is that I live incredibly close to the Italian markets, bakeries, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and other stores, so my fridge is never really stocked.  If I plan on cooking a dish, I can always grab it fresh.

So for this week, this is what you see above.
Eggs (free range)
Almond Butter
Arugula/Salad Mix
Chicken thighs (for my roasted balsamic vinegar/honey/soy sauce marinade tomorrow)
Trader Joes Bread (AH MAH ZING.. this bread is seeded up and supposedly "healthy" but it's like crack)
Roma Tomatoes
Butter in the back (for baking)
Prosciutto (natural, just good ol pork n salt)
Cranberry Juice
Cereal ( yup I keep it in the fridge, same w/ my small bags of rice)
Orange and Grapefruit
Lactose free fat free milk (I can't have dairy) So i use this for crepes, baking and cereal.
Blueberry Green Tea.
Smoked Salmon.

In the Freezer (based on memory) dumplings i've made, asian buns, frozen fish/pork/chicken, frozen chocolate souffles I've made (ready for baking), green onion cake and hmmm...wontons >_<

I hope to add mangosteens to this list sometime soon.

Coming soon, photos from our last dinner at Corso32, and Canada.

<3 Chow.

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