Sade in San Diego

It's been a long time since I've spent a night listening to her music, but when my girlfriend's asked me to come last minute to see Sade live, it was a definite yes.  At 52, Sade is just as I remember her in the 80s, incredible, gorgeous and a voice like no other.  I think the only other person I've seen live, that sounds better in person than on CD, was Alicia Keys.  There's this magic and experience you get from hearing Sade's voice live, that you don't get from any digital medium.

Sadly my poor videos below don't even do the concert justice, but they make for souvenirs of the great event. I think my favorite aspect of the concert is that it was so simply, yet wonderfully produced.  Each song had a theme, color palette, video production and atmosphere to go with it.  There wasn't too many props or effects, just really a stage really well composed for each transition in music.

Of all the times I usually carry my good camera with me everywhere, I regret leaving it at home this time.

As a side note to the experience, it blew my mind that there was this couple arguing for 30 min behind us about having an overweight kid and how the mom felt the boy shouldn't be forced into football and the dad felt that the fat kid needed some sort of exercise.  Quite romantic... 0_o

Videos from the concert: 

Lots of <3 to my g/fs for a great evening.

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