Monday's Awesomesauce Meal


Despite being lazy to cook this evening, because of a horde of projects I have on my list, I had that craving and itch for a home cooked meal.  So I dug in my fridge and gathered what was still fresh and decided to cook up something worth eating.  You know that type of dinner you can't wait to eat, rather than eating just because your mortal body needs sustenance (it's been a while since a Thor reference).

So I called the bff to pick up beer and cooked up:
Pancetta stuffed mushrooms, lemon basil grilled asparagus and a cayenne pepper, garlic, seasoned rice.

Despite work, getting her degree and taking care of my crazy butt, my mom was always able to find time to cook up amazing home made meals.  I have to remind myself that despite living in an area with great restaurants, it's always good to cook something up at home, especially when friends swing by with beer.  

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