Lights Out & a Mini Update


What do you do when the entire city goes into a dark mini zombie apocalypse? Enjoy it!

Last Thursday amidst an important approvals meeting regarding one of the game assets, some guy in Arizona decided to give everyone a much needed early day off, by turning off all the electricity.

The ping pong table came out and so did a bottle of Jameson along with food and some beers.

While everyone else decided to battle it out trying to get anywhere. We sat balcony side to our office and just watched the sunset. It was quite marvelous.

Later that night when we were able to leave the work premises, my bud and I decided to explore our home neighborhood and join a few people at the wine bar Apertivo for more drinks, good convo and just watching sparse cars drive by in the dark.

While many freaked out, I think the city wide blackout did many people a lot of good. Energy was conserved, neighbors talked to one another and instead of watching some shitty reality tv show, people got a chance to hang out and socialize with friends & fam unplugged.

The night ended with guitar strumming and a creative dinner.

I haven't updated in ages and that's because I've been preoccupied with visitors, events and just catching up with my to do list.

I had quite the lengthy list of things to accomplish this year and now that the year is briskly coming to an end, I've bumped updating my portfolio and editing photos to the top.

Tomorrow is crossfit, football Sunday and the True Blood season finale. Man I've missed Sunday's like these.

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