Saturday Night Fight Drama


I always tell my friends, who enjoy the drama of certain Jersey reality TV shows, just watch sports, there's plenty of epic stories, plenty of controversy and it's just way more intensely real.  The people aren't too bad looking either.

Fight based sports are the epitome of conflict and crazy stories and tonight was no exception.  I hate that UFC's fight night has been slightly overshadowed by the Mayweather vs Ortiz mini soap opera, but even for Mayweather, tonight's events were shocking.
- Ortiz actually lands some body shots on Mayweather and a few flurries of punches with Mayweather responding w/ a smurk and a shake of the head.
- Mayweather lands his typical rapid fast counter punches
- Ortiz corners Mayweather and somehow HEADBUTTS him.
- Ortiz apologizes, hugs Mayweather once, then when the round resumes, tries to hug Mayweather & apologize again.
- Mayweather then does what most of the world would call a "SUCKER PUNCH" and KO's Ortiz.

THE BEST, I mean absolute best was Mayweather's post fight interview w/ 80 yr old Larry Merchant, when Mayweather goes off running his mouth, getting agressive, talking about how Merchant should be fired by HBO and  then Merchant snaps back "If I was 50 years younger, I would've kicked your ass."

We spent the rest of the night eating, catching up on some amazing Strikeforce fights, laughing at the worst soccer fake injuries and ranting on about how we thought Ortiz probably got paid on a side bet for headbutting Mayweather and Mayweather probably got paid by HBO to go off as well.

For UFC fight night, I was really routing for Jake Sheilds, but still massive kudos to him, for focusing on the fight despite his recent loss.  I dream of having the conditioning that McGee has.. someday.

What would a post be without a mention of noms? Tonight's quick fix dinner was a prosciutto/sopressata sandwich with arugula, toasted basil (now home grown), and lemon garlic baby broccoli.  So good!
Tomorrow is crossfit and NFL Sunday.  HUZZAH! for sports weekends.  

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