Black Friday Adventures


 I think any night that begins with a bottle of Prosseco, a handful of raspberries and a tummy full of noms, is destined to be a good one.

 After dinner with the fam, my bud and I decided to take on the city and coast around just witnessing all the Black Friday mayhem.  All of the shopping shenanigans are so much more fun, when you're just there to people watch and experience it all, without battling anyone over 30% off merchandise.

What was crazy was that there were some stores open at midnight, but not enough to warrant the amount of people that actually showed up.  I'm gonna just say that they all ended up at Macys.

Here's our night in a snapshot.

I was bummed to see that Burberry closed up here to move, I always liked it next to the LV store.

According to the Rite Aid guy and the massive line outside, the Disney store was the place to be.  We didn't go in.

I think Gap was one of the few stores that had real Black Friday type deals.

The Microsoft store had this insane line, and the main deal was the Kinect for $99 and 1/2 off XBox Live. Nothing too spectacular.

Not gonna lie, Hollister & Abercrombie both had these incredibly cut guys and even I had stare in awe for quite some time.  I think they even motivated me to eat less and go to crossfit more :p 

3D Shenanigans at Old Navy.  Fun place. <3 Thought the glasses made me feel like I was having an epilepsy episode or something.

Lastly, the line at Best Buy at 2am.  I wonder how many $200 46" TVs they actually had.  We turned into the parking log, found a spot and drove right out.  Some sales are not worth the grueling experience, and camping out in front of Best Buy is one of those things.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'll be posting noms next.  Momma makes the most amazing prime rib! 


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