Tofu House Getting Reacquainted


I think my re-kindled love for Korean food was sparked by last week's Late night BBQ fest.

I'm not even sure how it's possible to forget how much you love something, but it's honestly been over a year since I've enjoyed the lovely vegetable pairings that accompany Korean entrees and the goodness that comes out of a clay pot.

After crossfit last Sunday we opted to skip the usual sushi and go to Tofu House to warm up, by enjoying boiled tofu in a piping hot clay pot. Hot enough that they leave a basket of eggs on your table, at your disposal to crack into your pot.

My pot had tofu, gyoza, Korean BBQ steak and baby octopus. The others got a seafood medley.

The side dishes shown are bean curd, kimchi, pickled radish and pickled cucumber (kinda like the pickle we're used to but not as sour and much more spicy).

I haven't been to this place in years so it was a nice yummy visit. I do remember they used to have potato pancakes but with me trying to get rid of this newly developed slug of a belly, the lack of potato definitely worked in my favor.

Happy early thanksgiving and the noms continues.

<3 chow

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