Rain or Shine


I'm slowly catching up on photos and despite having thousands to go through, I'm determined to at least get a good portion of my travel ones updated.

It's been another awesome week, that was incredibly eventful. It's amazing the things that can happen on random Tuesday or Thursday nights after crossfit.

Before kicking off this weekend, I wanted to post a few thoughts on the relaxing one I had last. Despite spending a good portion of last weekend basking in sports galore (hockey, football, boxing & mma) a lot of it was also spent relaxing and enjoying whatever the day brought on. Rain or shine. In fact I do love a good week of rain every so often.

Got crossfit in, enjoyed noms and even a walk in the park.

This weekend I'm going to attempt to be productive. I mean after mobbing the Versace for H&M collection of course. >_<

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