A Little Hockey a Little Bit of Home


As much as I'm in love with how beautiful San Diego is, everytime November and a hint of the holidays hit, I start missing home and Canada's snow.

Although I don't get to catch too many hockey games down here, because sportscenter and espn refuse to cover hockey, I try to catch a few Oilers games each season.

It's been a long time since I've gotten to see the Oilers win live and it was a glorious evening because they played beautifully against the Kings.

There were very few of us Oiler fans among the sea of grey and black jersey Kings fans, but we still managed to high five one another from a distance and marvel in the fact that there were so many Canadians gathered in one building.

So... As usual I'm back blogged and catching up on posts. For the very near future, I'm quite ecstatic for the Immortals movie and of course playing Rage.


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