Couch Potato


Like clockwork when the temperature drops, I get sick.  Fortunately it happened this year on a weekend and I have a couple days to recover. Aside from the post office, I've spent a good portion of today either in bed, in the kitchen making noms or on the couch.  I actually can't remember the last time I watched this much TV or got this much sleep.  

It's is not all woes.  I woke up from meds & rest just in time to catch UFC 138 and man what a card, that Munoz/Leben fight was bloody brutal and both guys definitely showed up to brawl.  I wonder though if Leben didn't have that awful cut, would it have lasted all 5 rounds.  Now it's catching up on 24-7 Pacquiao vs Marquez. Looking forward to that fight as well.

So this under the weather weekend is also turning into a sports filled weekend.  Tomorrow is football and definitely looking forward to the SD, Baltimore and I'm afraid to even say the Miami game.  Every week that the Dolphins lose, I get flashbacks of a painful 1-15 season.
A friend turned me onto this "live game" trivia type betting for football.  It's pocket friendly b/c it's free and it's fun seeing how my football knack and predictions stack up to other people watching the game.  How it works, during the game random questions about the game, next play, stats, players or trivia will pop up with multiple choice answers and points are awarded for each correct answer.

They're gonna be offering prizes for the top people on the leader-board.  What stuns me is that my g/f's who don't even watch football have been getting a stoke of beginners luck and doing pretty well with predictions.  So if you're watching the Charger game tomorrow, sign on for that game and I'll see you in channel >_<

It's back to the rest of 24-7 for me and making some tea.


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