A Moving Movie Experience


Ever have one of those moments amidst doing something quite ordinary, and think....man a drink would be good right now?

I've had that thought quite a few times while watching movies at the theater.

The other night I went with my girlfriends to watch a movie at Cinepolis and I don't think I can watch a movie the normal way anymore.

When you first walk in, there's a bar and lounge areas where you can order food and drinks. I'm so glad we chose to order food and drinks from our movie seats (comfy recliners).

Before and during the movie, they have a server that can ninja your order in and out, while you kick your feet up and relax.

I think what excites me most is the abundance of options when it comes to noms. That and this theater actually serves good food. I swear aside from popcorn, usual theater food is awful.

Ticket prices are a bit more, at $20, but the comfort and experience totally make it worth it.

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