Le Pain Quotidien - The Daily Bread

While I have a habit of staying up till the sun rises, I would never consider myself a morning person. But there is something quite beautiful about the way the air smells, how the sky looks and how foods taste during that time of day.

For example having eggs, toast and a black coffee in the early morning is entirely different than in the evening.
Last week I was visiting LA and a few of us stopped by this adorable cafe in Beverly Hills, called Le Pain Quotidien, in English is "The Daily Bread."

The entire cafe has this cozy and rustic feel. You can stop in and just order among a delicious assortment of pastries, or sit at a table to marvel in a selection of various spreads to accompany your bread choices.
The dark chocolate hazelnut spread was divine and definitely not your usual Nutella.
We ordered an array of omelettes that included mushrooms, smoked salmon and more. Though, the star dish was the mango/cucumber gazpacho. The flavors were so well blended that it was hard to distinguish one dominant flavor. It was fresh, incredibly savory and a great way to start the day.

While I won't be making a habit out of sleeping and waking up earlier, from time to time it's nice to enjoy The morning sun, have great noms and even better company and hilarious conversation.

Our server loved us!

Happy Friday all! Oh and this holiday song has been my guilty pleasure as of late.

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