Making Rainbows


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Since coming back from Vegas for New Years, the past two weeks has been nothing but constant "go alpha go" mode.  There's been about 3 personal projects (along with a few freelance ones) that I've been dying to finish and this post apocalyptic one had been a "work in progress" for far too long.  Based off a photo I took from the Highline in NYC, I did a photo texture and paint over, to obliterate the beautiful scene and transform it. 

Anyone that follows me on Facebook or Twitter absolutely knows that I have a complete obsession and love for bubble tea.  So when my developer friend and I decided to take on a side project of building flash/mobile games as a team, it was natural that my first game would involve a gal name Chow catching bubble tea.  Pixel Poo (our little studio name) is just starting, so like any new project, the website, more games and such are well under way.

For now you can play Chow Bubble here:

It's only 2 weeks into the new year and so much awesomeness has been going on.  Lots of late nights, working, sketching, reading, gaming (hey it's r&d right?), and editing (so many photos to catch up on).

Till next time, happy gaming and happy nomming
<3 Chow.

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