Postcards from The Grand Del Mar - Amaya


Words can't describe how beautiful this place is and not just aesthetically speaking either. There's something about this property that just induces a comfortable and leave life behind type feeling.

We came here last night for their restaurant week dinner menu and I have to say $65 for a three course meal and a wine pairing, was quite well worth it. Though one could say that the company and atmosphere was the charm that made the food just that much better.

The braised shortrib, incredibly sweet, tender and a sprinkle of crisps for texture.

Lentil Soup

Probably one of the best Beet salads I've ever had.

A citrus sorbet type dessert with berries nested in a gelée.

I barely had a lick of this just to try and I think it was my favorite of all the desserts that came out.

I'm incredibly sad that I didn't have my better camera on hand and that I didn't take pictures of the other dishes. The food at Amaya is very good and I adore how the most simple dishes taste extravagant.

I'll be planning a staycation at this hotel to eat and just enjoy all the amenities.

We were utterly amazed at the top crate with the wine labeled 1855. I think we each took turns stating historical events that this wine had lived through. The Russian Revolution, both world wars, prohibition and etc.

Till next time! This weekend will be all about work and family for Chinese New Year!

Wishing you all love, fortune, health and happiness in the coming year of the Dragon.

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