Music Time Machine

We all have that playlist, the list of songs that never go out of style or that record/tape/cd that gets played whenever we're feeling nostalgic.

Like a good friendship, you know a beloved song in and out, beginning to end, and even when a beat is skipped or an abundance of noise is polluting the lyrics, you can always pick up where it left off.

Here are a few that were once downloaded via 56k, purchased on cassette single, and even ripped at poor quality from a Myspace player because I was so desperate to have it at that time.

I listen to this one quite a bit. It never fails to be put on repeat during times those nights when I have a lot on my mind.

An amazing oldie that will always be a cruising favorite.

Hands down my favorite song to hear and sing my heart out to, after a few drinks.

I can't think of one particular night that made this song a regular, but it's been one of my favorites to hear right after Santeria.

Like the first verse, I used to listen to this song while driving around for hours.

This one will get put on repeat for lazy Sundays or as I'm about to fall asleep at night.

what's on your playlist?

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