Crawl, Walk, Lift, Jump, Run


It's almost been a year since I first started dabbling in crossfit and making the lifestyle change to get healthy.

This weekend and tonight had a few of those milestone moments that made me see how far I've physically and mentally come.

While I'm sure the numerical measurements probably only add up to a few more pounds, meters, minutes and reps, each unit of progression feels quite incredible.

Like many, when I started, it was easy to get hung up on the want of instant gratification and the physical aspects but slowly I'm learning to appreciate being able to run further, lift heavier, and other things I never thought I'd be able to do (like pullups, double unders or handstands).

So for those that made the new years resolution to eat better and live better, I'm taking a short intermission from my usual food posts to tip my hat to you.

Cheers and HOORAH,

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