Enjoying the City: postcards from San Diego


Chances are if you live in San Diego, you've either said, or have heard someone say "we don't enjoy this city enough."

For years during the hustle and bustle of college and working, I always believed I would re-locate to New York or San Francisco. I must say that San Diego is a paradise that's hard to leave.

I've spent the past 48 hours celebrating the city and new beginnings with friends, co workers, perfect strangers and my darling Louis (the pup).

Here are some postcards from our city, with love, of good eats and fun places to play.

After a morning of Yoga, we headed to zanzibar for a yummy breakfast, then down to the San Diego harbor for a 4mi walk/run.

Tomato zucchini soup. So good. I need to learn how to make this.

Just a quick weekend update. Temperatures are dropping and I'm actually looking forward to a little rain.


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