When in Doubt: HARNEY!!!


What started out as a planned night of dancing, soon turned into a night of drinks, raw fish, live shrimp, and grrrreat music.

Everytime it comes to late night eating or just going out, and we can't decide where to go, Harney Sushi is always a fun and safe bet.

They have a dj with loud music, drinks and most importantly good food.

Our favorites: rolls Royce, Ama Ebi (not for the faint of heart, it's alive and the heads still move while you're eating the body nigiri style. We got the last live 3), hamachi collar, flaming lips and more.

Tonight we got a special dish that isn't on the menu, salmon sashimi with sautéed mushrooms on top. It has savory remnants of truffle and the taste was incredible.

It's off to bed for an early day of crossfit tomorrow. Happy nomming and here are a few of my favorite songs that we semi danced to tonight.

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