Postcards from Santa Barbara

From the day I was able to get behind the wheel, I fell in love with driving and going distances for the sake of adventure was always half the fun. 

I've always found that the things you see, the songs you hear, the conversations that take place and even the scent/feeling of the air when the windows are down, all create this magnificent experience and add to the story of the trip.  Some of the biggest fat cramp inducing laughs, friendship bonding and epic karaoke moments, took place in a car, while ignoring everyone else's expressions of misery in traffic.

I just got home not too long ago, and I'm so glad I brought my camera with me on this trip.  These pictures do not do the monumental cliffs along the coast of the 101 justice, or the view of M's magic house in the mountains, but they do make me warm and fuzzy as I'm curled up in bed, closing out the final hours of this weekend. 

 Each bend just revealed more of the beautiful coast, trees and cliffs.

A thoughtful gift from M. I adore that she's sentimental! <3 

More weekend trips are definitely in the books for this next coming month.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! You may hate me for saying this, but I hope it continues to rain all week <3.

Reading then TKO time.

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