Pitstop at Prep Kitchen


This was one of those places that I just wanted to love so bad! In fact upon walking in, smelling the food, seeing potted herbs on the window sills, and absorbing the amazing ambiance, I totally had high hopes.

While the food wasn't bad at all, it just wasn't completely spectacular.  The pork belly and Mary's Chicken were pretty good, but the mussels were kind of fishy and average (Au Revoir's mussels are amazeballs), the fries were also just ok and the soup sounded better than it was.

What I did love about this restaurant though was the type of people who worked there.  They were cool, charming, laid back and just had such a positive attitude and a love for food. I told our server my thoughts on the food and they were kind enough to offer us a free dessert if we ever came back.  I'll give it another shot and reassess my review.

Life's been busy with work and this damned knee injury.  I'm looking forward to a weekend trip to L.A then it's off to Seattle. I took a moment to look at my Santa Barbara trip again and man that weekend was just so magical.

<3 chow.

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