Winner Winner Uber Dinner: Addy Awards


Since winning, I haven't really had a chance to digest it all because the past few weeks have seriously been all about work, crossfit, personal artwork and learning/brushing up on some things.

How it all went down: a couple months ago my agency rep sponsored me to enter into the annual "Addy Awards." There wasn't enough time to create something new, so I entered my post apocalyptic design/photo manipulation/digital illustration that was already roughly completed.

Fast forward to March and I'm sitting at Anthology with my agency, drinking a Jack on the Rocks, when they shake me, pointing to the screen saying "OMG YOU WON!"

Everything else after was a blur, not because of the Jack Daniels but because of the shock of it all.  I think when they told me I won, I turned to them and said "are you sure it's not just a thank you for participating, honorable mention?" >.<

All in good fun, the night ended with great food (salmon, steamed veggies and shortribs), good company and me home early finishing some projects then a night of gaming.

I've been neglecting my blog a bit, but I promise you there's a good backlog of noms photos to come.


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