Feel Good Sundays


Despite being the biggest snorlax, that likes to sleep in when there's no football on Sunday, I like waking up for our morning crossfit sessions.

While I never finish my intended house duties on Sunday, there is a sense of accomplishment when I get through a killer WOD (workout of the day), and then get to spend the afternoon induldging in simple pleasures.

It's been a while since we've gone to Extraordinary Desserts for brunch. They have an array of fruits, grains, vegetables, meats, pastries and so much more. Id like to say its a brunch fit for Mount Olympus, but with way more chic plating and decor.

I like that you have a selection of quality ingredients that you can assemble and enjoy how you want.

This time I wanted to eat everything at once so ended up making these napoleon like stacks from tomatoes, smoked salmon, cucumbers, turkey breast, carmelized onions, red onions and roasted tomatoes (which are incredible here).

All paired with an unsweetened mango iced green tea.

We ate slow, talked, reveled in our soreness (at least I did) and just spent Sunday being lazy.

It's another busy work WOD week, but there's new restaurants on the log to be posted.

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