Heartbreaker Movie Night - L'arnacoeur

I remember sitting in a late night film class, quite a few years ago, listening to my French professor passionately profess his detest for modern day films, especially romantic comedies.

He believed that there was this essence of true romance missing from them and that most films are made like porn, lacking in story, completely formulaic and everything based on one climactic moment.  I can't say I disagree.

I've always had an issue with the genre name "romantic comedy" because 97% of the movies are neither funny or that romantic.  But every so often a brilliant movie does a beautiful job of capturing the deep complexities, subtle gestures and the welcomed  utter agonies of truly being in love.

A friend introduced me to "Heartbreaker/L'arnacoeur" and it will be one of those movies that I'll watch many times through this lifetime, just like "Love Actually."  I laughed through the entire movie, was taken away by the beautiful landscapes and scenes, and just fell in love with how charming the whole story was portrayed.

It was the perfect movie for a night of R&R for the knee.  There's a million things to do and I'm constantly in this "go alpha go" mode, but I've been slowing things down a bit and just trying to enjoy the simple moments as they come.  <3

I'll be posting pictures from this last weekend's epic adventures and getting ready to take off again to another city.  I seriously can't wait for summer.

<3 chow.

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