Roadtrip Postcards



It's 2am, I'm about 90% packed and although I should be getting ready for bed, I just couldn't leave on another trip, without taking a look back at last weekend's epic road trip.

One of my good pal's invited me up to join him on a road trip to....a few surprise locations.  I was given no details, except for what to pack and an estimation of how long we'd be gone for.

Night 1 started catching up, getting a feel for his bachelor's pad, dinner and then a drive up the 101, to meet up with his friend at his adorably chic and cozy home in Woodland Hills (beautiful neighborhoods).  We then spent the night talking, laughing, doing pushups/situps, loving his adorable pups/kitty and I stayed up pretty late watching videos and sorting through photos.

Day 2 started with yummy coffee then breakfast at Denny's.  Little did I know that Denny's would become the theme to this trip and that I would eat there more than once in a 24 hour period. Then a long drive up north to Porterville.

Highlights from Porterville:
- Eating at Panda Express and Denny's in the same day.. never again!
- Our hotel has a "luxe" spa called "Doraleens, where you could get your body detailed and sit in a Hyper Baric chamber." Because in Porterville, you need that alone time.

- attending a quaint wedding outside where the ceremony lasted less than 10 minutes, and the theme was Burning Man.  Everyone had a blast, and I love how casual and effortless it was.
- Hot tub action and having a grandpa tell me I looked like a "nice lady" and had a nice sarong, in front of his wife and grand-kids.
- Eating at Denny's once again for breakfast.
- Driving home and somehow managing to pass out for 3 hours.

So yes, if my friend had told me we were heading to Porterville, there's a good chance I would have bailed, but that's the nice thing about being spontaneous... you never really know what's gonna happen or how much fun you'll have.

I'm off to Seattle, one of my favorite cities to eat in.  As always, back blogged, but lots of amazing things to post on, food from my Calgary trip, meeting with my professor for wine and laughs and more.


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