Saturday Away


The best weekends really are the ones that happen spontaneously. 

I drove up to north this morning with the intention of having some family time up in L.A. Though I got to see my darling cousin for Korean BBQ and great conversation, our visit had to be cut short.

It was quite serendipitous that my buddy was actually free, so I stopped by his place and we decided to take his bike out to ride up the coast, from Laguna beach to Huntington and then Newport.  

From Newport we then headed to this vegetarian place off of Beach blvd and the food was nothing short of amazeballs. We had Papaya salad, an Ong Choy soup and a Vietnamese soy bean crepe with bean sprouts. 

It's now movie time, tomorrow is crossfit and an epic 91x concert (Jane's Addiction, Garbage, Rebelution, Eve6, POD and more). I really need to start carrying my DSLR around.

Video of the ride up

Song from the movie Drive

Summer's been off to a great start. <3 you guys.


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