X-Fest What Summers Are About


When you start a dialogue with people about their bucket list, most often items on their lists include things like sky diving, joy riding a cop car, kicking over a parking enforcement cart or traveling the world.  My bucket list includes a couple of those things, but most of the items on my list include seeing certain bands live.  One of those bands was Garbage.

I almost forgot about X-Fest this year (an annual musical melange put on by 91X a local independent rock radio station) and when I saw the lineup, it was a no brainer that we needed to be there.

Jane's Addiction - Perry Farrell puts on a DAMNED good show and I'm shocked at how amazing his voice still sounds at his age.  Dave Navarro hot! Enough said.
Garbage - Was worth coming just to see them. Took us on a trip through the best hits of the 90s till now.  I died when I heard #1 Crush
Angels and Airwaves - I don't really like blink 182 live and the same goes for this band.  Just not good ,  especially in comparison to how amazing the other bands were.
Rebelution - The type of band you hear on mp3, then when you hear their music live, you're blown away that they actually sound better live.  Posted a video of them singing my favorite song below.
P.O.D - Awful awful awful live.
Neon Trees- Next to Garbage was probably my favorite band to see live.  They are INCREDIBLE live, the lead singer has amazing energy and even more amazing singing chops.
Because I was rocking out with my umm.. socks out (>.<) one of the band mates that was managing the sound gave me their set list! Huzzah.

X-Fest was seriously the epitome of what summer is all about. Music, rocking out, enjoying the summer sun, cool nights and just being carefree.

Videos: Rebelution and Neon Trees.  I was completely blown away by the stellar vocals.

I wish I got more of the intro when it was just his vocals and no instruments.

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