Cellar Door, Good Eats & Great Meets


The first rule of fight club is.... ( ^▽^) j/k
Good thing this post isn't about a secret brawling society but instead about an underground "supperclub" that's adding something quite wonderful to the dining experience. 

Through the grapevines, The Food Network and foodie blogs I've been hearing about these pop up dinner events, taking place in Chef's homes and rogue locations, for quite some time.  Like Fight Club, these events aren't advertised and you never really know about it until you know about it.  

A few weeks ago, my good friend received the email invite that Cellar Door had two seats open for their "Gluten Free" themed dinner.  It was probably the quickest and best email we've ever replied yes to! 

Seated at a cozy table for 10, what started as simple introductions and small talk, soon became beautiful conversations about where and what we love to eat, what journeys we've traveled before arriving at dinner together and how for that night, there really was no better place to be.  

Each dish came with a perfectly paired beverage (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and with a back story from the chefs themselves.  What's wonderful is that they pair with local people specializing in wine, seafood and etc to gather the ingredients in making these magical meals come together.  

That's the thing about great food, it not only satisfies the soul but also brings people together.

That night we got to meet and have great conversation with people from Quigley fine wines (imagine fine art dealers but in the business of importing exclusive wine and providing them to individuals)  and from Catalina Offshore Products (I don't think I can ever buy seafood from a regular market ever again).  I ended up meeting with both again and have a blog post with pictures coming up for each.  

I wish I could choose my favorite course of the evening, but it's a clear beloved tie between the scallop crudo, chicken and waffles and the duck over beluga lentils.  (full menu pictured above)

Visit Cellar Door's website to find out more about these two wonderful Chefs and what they do. 

Cheers and always happy nomming! 
<3 Chow. 

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