The View From Earth


The best things seem to happen after eating like a Viking.  After Korean BBQ tonight, my friend and I decided that it was only 9pm and a bit too early to turn in, so a night a run/walk/jog at Balboa park sounded like fun.

We ended up running through a group of people with enormous telescopes and in true Chow fashion, had to make new friends. >.< They gathered to follow the live feed of Curiosity landing on Mars and gaze into the wonders of space.

It was awesome looking through their mega telescopes, looking at images they were capturing and seeing the moon and stars.
The Hercules Cluster (thousands of stars)
The images of the moon were so captivating and being able to see the detail of the crater where the meteor had hit it, completely made my night.

Leaving our new friends and a buzz from everything witnessed, I felt and fulfilled the urge to play Frank Sinatra's fly me to the moon and dance through Balboa park.  It was a good night to end a GREAT weekend.  Fight, food and more photos to come.

Be sure to visit our new friends at They're a fascinating and fun bunch!

Dancing Through Balboa Park

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