Comic-con Preview Night 2012


There really is no other time of year in San Diego better than Comic-con weekend. For an entire week/weekend, downtown becomes an electric playground and the freaks, geeks, nerds and fanboys show that they too can run amuck and get down.

The con has barely started and already there's reports all over the news about a fatal accident, because some Twi-hard ran into a street.

As we were walking up we saw them camped out and I was telling my friend that I don't think meeting Thor himself would make me want to camp out a week on advance.

Almost as badly casted Goku as the movie.

We walked, got some cool swag (Assassin's creed tomahawk, expendables tattoo, Fox poster tube), ran into some friends and enjoyed the lights, sights and sounds around the Hard Rock.

I'm uber stoked for Intervention this coming Sunday! It always seems that the Hard Rock is the place to be, each year during the Con.

We ended the night nomming on truffle taters and grilled steaks from the strip club.

I'll be taking time off from the Con tomorrow but will be back fri-sun to join in all the mayhem.

Happy sdcc weekend!!!

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