Q on 5th


The sequence of events that take place each year to kick off summer always start with E3 (photos still to be loaded, I know bad blogger), Q on 5th and next week's Comic-Con.

While each have their epic awesomeness, Q on 5th titillates the imagination, feeds the insatiable desire for good eats and is a mystical night of sights and sounds. I've been to a lot of street parties but very few pull off the transformation of turning a normal street into a colorful nightime wonderland.

Last year's theme was this burlesque, Moulin Rouge and circus like show, this year 5th ave became a chic modern luxe club.

- catching the last portion of bare naked ladies
- endless fresh oysters
- more music
- salsa dancin with the dance whisperer to Joef's beautiful music
- actually remembering the whole night. >_<

Check out photos and videos from last year when weezer performed http://www.thedailychow.com/2011/06/night-with-freaks-geeks-and-noms.html

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