Before I Die...


Somewhere between a party bus, The Alibi bar in Hillcrest and friends having bean beers, I found myself at the side of the building and in front of a massive chalkboard.  

Remember the intro to The Simpsons, where Bart Simpson is writing lines as punishment?  At a glance, all these people writing on this chalk board, looked like Bart, but once I stepped up to the board, it was hard to not be humbled by the monumental list of things people wanted before they died.. no matter how simple or ornate.  

Whenever I've made a bucket list, it's always included epic life changing adventures, something relating to loving more and of course food.  This list changes with the seasons but last night this was my list in no particular order. 

- Meet Wayne Gretzky
- Have one training session with a boxing and/or MMA legend
- Eat, love and be around more varying food (yes even more so than now)
- Spend smarter (opulence is easy, making smart decisions has always been hard for me)
- Start or end every year like this one (lots of travel)
- Live more carefree, in the sense of overcoming fears/anxieties, that I always have towards everything I care about, my work, art, lifting, etc.
- Learn how to make an AWESOME xiao long bao (soup dumplings)
- Actually learn all of my mom's awesome recipes and adopt her cooking skills
- Sit in the middle of a football stadium, after a night game and just look out into the stands. 

That's all for now.  Happy long weekend everyone <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp">

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