Late Night Eats: Miso Glazed Cod


I've learned two things out of my immense love for food, one being to always be open to new ideas and two when a chef is giving you tips, listen well and write fast!

Catalina OP has become like the Disneyland of seafood for me, because every time I go there I learn new things, discover new food and meet amazing fellow foodies.  This time Chef Ken Gardon aka the "Man With a Pan" who modestly says "Ken's fine, Chefs are people with TV shows" gave me a quick lesson on cooking fish and making an epic glaze.

While waiting for my 5lb Cod to be wrapped up, I expressed a love for this Japanese Miso Glazed Cod that I always order and with that love, my woes that for $13 I wished I got more than a 3oz serving.  The master "Man With a Pan" immediately said "write this down" and gave me the ingredients to make a Miso glaze.

Alternating conversations between the Cod and the Salmon being cooked, I finally wrote down a grocery list and some steps.

Fast forward a couple evenings, after steaming the head and letting the body marinade.. I am now having this INCREDIBLE glazed cod for dinner!

Thank you Chef Ken.
Catalina OP is always cooking up something and you can stop in to try out the seafood that's there for sale.

Check out him making a ginger sauce glaze here

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