Chinatown Chicago, Home Sweet Noms


I feel like there are two types of people in this world, noodle people and rice people.

I am by far an uber noodle lover. Italian noodles sit pretty high on my list but my favorite by a long shot are Asian ones, especially when home made.

I know that many like to drench their dishes with sauces and ingredients but as a noodle enthusiast and purist, I like the dominant ingredient to be noodles and I like to taste and experience the texture of it.

It's appalling to me when I see Chow Mien with an abundance of carrots, celery and bean sprouts in it.

Everytime I travel, there are certain benchmark foods that I like to try in every city and Asian food is always a must! We hunted through yelp and when we saw a photo of a man hand making noodles, using a stretch technique, we were on a train then water taxi to Chinatown.

The noodles were ├╝ber yum, the green onion pancakes were perfectly flaky and fluffy and the shao long Bao soup dumplings were just ordinary ok.

It was definitely a weird fusion restaurant that served sushi and bubble tea, which usually leaves me skeptical, but what we came for was satisfying and good!

I have about 300 photos to sort through and Chicago was a blast. Amazing food, beautiful sights and wonderful energy.

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