Please Sir, I Want Some More!


Fortunately, instead of being struck away, Cellar Door opened up their home and once again cooked up an amazing array of dishes for a wonderful night of great food and wonderful conversations.

That's the thing with good eats, often times you don't just go back for seconds, but you end up scooping up thirds, fourths and more. 

I'm getting better at not relying on the convenience of my phone’s camera and actually using my SLR for the blog.  Now if only my editing process can keep up with the shooting >.<

One of my favorite things about eating with Cellar Door, is that they create this welcoming and beautiful eating experience without the pretention and snootiness that often gets correlated with eating good food. 

I’ve mentioned before that even though you get seated at a table with strangers, it’s like you’re having dinner with friends.

The theme from this evening was “Best of Cellar Door” and my favorite dishes included the Okonomiyaki, fried chicken and Salmon collar.   What I also love is how open Chef Logan is about how she made the dishes, how we can re-create it and where she got the ingredients from. 

My new love that evening was the black coffee served with dessert. 

I’m still working on my Chicago photo diary, but wanted to share a closer look at the Cellar Door dining experience.

Cheers & Love!

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