A Smoking Goat Pre Thanksgiving Dinner


This is one of those amazing little semi hidden places that had me wondering, why the hell it took me so long to finally try the food.

A few fellow foodie friends raved to me about the bone marrow, knowing it's my favorite, but alas the night we went it wasn't on the menu.

I like an ever changing menu though, so I'll just have to check back in often.

The place has this charming rustic feel and there's an open kitchen in the dining area of the second room. I love when chefs and restaurants have that transparency and allow for everyone to see heat and magic that takes place while preparing the meal.

It makes for a more inviting and intimate dining experience and creates this extended connection to the food.

What we ordered:
Veal sweetbreads (good but not quite as good as Au Revoir's)
The ribeye steak
Quail over spinach and stuffed with wild rice (AMAZING)
Cassoulet (a bowl with a medley of duck, lamb, sausage and more)

It was a nice dinner before flying out and having more noms of Thanksgiving proportions.

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving weekend. There's been a lot of driving, sights, sounds and food. Tomorrow we head into downtown San Francisco and spend our last couple days there.

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