Yann Sweet Somethings


When it comes to gifts, it really is the thought that counts... especially when your friends think about great things that they'd love for you to try and eat. 

I'm not a big dessert person and I most definitely have more of a savory tooth, than that of a sweet one. I do however appreciate unique treats.  

While I was in Calgary, my good friend clued me into a "Haute Patisserie" by the name of Yann and he swore by their Macarons.  He picked me up some and before even opening the chic, wood textured package, I was in love.

As a designer, I have a huge appreciation for people who put thought into the presentation of their goods.  It adds to the experience and we do eat with our eyes first.  

From the array of flavors my favorites were the Rose & Lychee, Orange Blossom & Grand Marnier, Irish Coffee and Pistachio. <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp">

Visit Yann here

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