Unlike and like many, I chose to skip the New Years resolutions.  Instead I set this intention of consistency, to continue the practices and routines I had disciplined, except to execute them better.  

The countdown was a formality and the first of the month...just another day to either lift a barbell, work on a design and/or stay on top of the many minute tasks that I seem to always procrastinate on.  (I like to call procrastination, a higher level of patience towards completion)

That's the funny thing about a plan to not make plans, just like regular plans, the details can always change.  

Fast forward through 27 days and I've now arrived at this corner, somewhat unraveled, unsure and unnerved as to how to take the next few steps.  

What's nice though, is while I won't teleport or be carried through what's to come, I'm thankful to have good company to walk with. I'm a "Footprints" poem on a bookmark. 

This next inevitable step is one that I've taken before, yet it never gets easier.  Saying goodbye to a loved one.  

Looking back on an older entry I wrote when experiencing a loss, I find myself holding onto many of the same sentiments. 

My posts are rarely this few and far between, but I've found myself at a lost for words as of late.  Every so often though, an intermission usually leads to inspiration...

till then much love!

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