Cooking With Love


When in Paris.... you eat like you're in Paris. Sometimes that means Croissants for breakfast, pastries for lunch, pate for dinner with four baguettes and did I mention Croissants? 

But one can only live off dough and coffee for so long.  

I'm finally settled into the new place, NO that does not mean all the boxes are unpacked, but that means my main love, the kitchen, is all set up for making some magic!  For those thinking about other magic.. get your mind out the gutter, this isn't that kind of blog :P 

For some reason, eating clean again and focusing on lifting/training, is a big catalyst for me to pour more thought into my cooking and really get creative to make some wonderful eats.  

I picked up these Paleo waffles from Cavegirl Confections and they're the perfect English muffin replacement.  I re-toasted them with some coconut oil on the pan, fried up an egg, added some bacon and paired with some RAWRberries (chow talk for strawberries) and some of her dark chocolate granola.  It was a pretty scrumptious breakfast.
We spent a lot of the weekend enjoying some espresso on the balcony, while listening to jazz and just basking in the marvelousness of doing nothing.  

After a massive Sunday of errands, I wanted to spend the evening making some good eats for the next few days.  

What was cooked up? Hainan chicken (poached), the stock was then turned into a soup and I added these seaweed/yam Shirataki noodles (grain/gluten free), marinaded some lamb for grilling tomorrow and best of all W. made his epic garlic sauce.  

Although the prospect of a new home is always exciting, moving is a miserable experience... and unpacking is even worst. 

I can't describe how lovely it is to be able to cook up noms now. 

Noms is love and to love is to noms.
Happy Sunday! 

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