Chaplos, a New Neighbor


It seems that my favorite frequent dining habitats, become so as a result of fortunate accidental discoveries.

When I moved out of Hillcrest and into Downtown, it wasn't so much leaving my old place that made me feel sad, but it was leaving all the great places we'd walk to for great food, like Au Revoir (probably the best French restaurant in SD) I discovered Chaplos, similarly to how I did Au Revoir. One intended direction, diverted by an interesting sight in the window, in this case a giant floating spoon, and that was it.

SO! Imagine my surprise when I sat down at Chaplos and saw one of my favorite people from Au Revoir now working there, my darling Marie from Bordeaux. I heard her voice behind our table, turned and nearly yelped her name. Hugs, talks, smiles all exchanged and then it was on to the food.

I've actually waited to dine here a few times before writing about it.

There's something quite bizarrely interesting about Chaplos, the decor is brilliantly well designed, but the atmosphere completely changes from the front of the restaurant to the back.

Some of what we've ordered over the past few times. Lamb chops, Ceviche, Calamari, Fries, Hanger Steak, Clams/Mussels, Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto, Pork ribs, eggplant flatbread, the house wine and sangria. I think the Lamb chops and the Ceviche are their two standout dishes.

I usually request sliced lettuce to have the ceviche on and it tastes better than the chips. I would avoid the Sangria (Cafe 21 and Cafe Sevilla are better), the asparagus was overcooked and the bue cheese is overpowering, and the pork ribs are melt off the bone good, but I think i'll get much less sauce next time.

I still haven't decided if this place is my beloved stomping ground yet (like Au Revoir was), because each visit has been quite different.

The first time, the lamb and other meats were perfectly cooked, the second and third time, we had to send dishes back because they overcooked or burnt them.

Most of the staff are incredibly nice. I think the only awkward moment we had, was when we were paying one day and working out a discrepancy on the bill, the man who works the bar, walked over and firmly reminded us that they were closing, then walked away.

Despite the overcooked meat, overall I really like this place though. There's something about it that has me saying "I'll check it out again."

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